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Landscape Design Plans:


When planting to achieve an effective landscape design, you must have a design plan. Our in-house designer will draw up your plans based on the “Design Imaging” you have chosen. The plans are a map showing where each plant and all hardscape will be placed. All design plans come with an easy to follow “Plant Key”. Plant Keys include plant identification, location and also provide information on each plants proper maintenance and care. 



Landscape Installation:


On the day of the installation, the designer that has been working with you will be there overseeing the planting. Our trained crews know that plant placement is most important to the overall visual effect. A key element needed for a new plant to be able to establish itself in the ground is proper soil amendment. Our crews know that for a plant to make the adjustment going from the container into the ground, the soil must contain the proper nutrients. We insure this amendment every time we install a plant. As a result, all new trees and shrubs that we plant have a one year guarantee.


Lawn Installation:


Quite possibly the most resilient and beautiful surface is the lawn. A beautiful expansive lawn shows off and enhances any home as well as its planting beds. When installing a new lawn it is important to choose the right grass seed type for each location. Will the lawn be for admiring, getting minimal use, or will it be used for recreation and entertaining, where usage will be greater? These questions must be considered before any lawn is installed. Let us get you started on the right track by choosing and installing the right seeds for all your lawn needs.




Define and enhance you garden beds with mulch. Prevent erosion, nourish, insolate and protect your plant roots by using mulch. You can choose from any number of types- wood bark chips, stone or organics. Let us help you choose the right mulch as well as just how much you will need.



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