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Tom and Jane Walker

Tom Walker started Thomas Walker Construction LLC back in 1984. He started out installing lawns with a John Deere tractor that hauled a rake attachment behind it. Because of the trusting relationships he developed with his customers, as well as his ability to learn quickly, those customers started calling him back to undertake new jobs for them- even if they were unrelated to lawn installation! They trusted Tom and his ability, so he was more than willing to take on new projects. Today, Thomas Walker Construction LLC has evolved into a full service business that includes excavation, grading, drainage work and repair, septic work, driveway installations, all types of masonry stone work, water features and landscape design and installation.

Jane Bryers Walker attended Naugatuck Valley Community College where she enrolled in their Horticulture and Landscape design programs. Jane has studied small property design, landscape design, landscape mechanics, and landscape maintenance. She has also taken art classes for drawing, color and perspective. After she received her certificate for Landscape Design from NVCC, she established the design department with Thomas Walker Construction LLC. Jane does consultations, design imaging, design plans and oversees all the planting installations. She feels that no job is too big, too small or too hopeless. Both she and Tom love a good challenge because they feel challenges always bring the best results.



Together, Tom and Jane work as a team with their clients. They offer all the aspects of landscaping and provide the best possible ways for clients’ ideas to come to life. They are aware that a budget must always be established and they try their best to work within it. They have found that using this approach results in a successful job and a satisfied customer.


Thomas Walker Construction LLC is licensed and fully insured.

License # 779618 , Home Improvement Contractors Registration #0600127

Naugatuck Valley Community College, Landscape Design Certificate.


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