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At Thomas Walker, we know that a driveway is not just for driving or parking a car. We know that your kids play on them with their toys and bikes and some of the best basketball games and tennis matches-yes, tennis matches, are played on them as well. Today there are many surfaces to choose from. Let us give you the driveway that will suit all of your needs.


Walkways and Patios:


Location, location, location! Walkways lead us to and from where we want to go. Patios create a new living space outdoors. Both should enhance the beauty of their surroundings but where and how they are placed is the key. Let us help you to decide. Choose from the many varieties of material that we have to offer- simple, ornate or rugged. We can help you create the walkway and patio that will enhance your home.


Stonewalls and Stone Entrances:


Out in the country in the “old days”, a wall was built from stones picked up when clearing the land for farming. They became a way of surrounding homes and defining property lines. On estates and in cities they did pretty much the same thing. However, because stone was sometimes scarce, it had to be brought in. This cost money so the stone wall became a sign of “status” and wealth. Today, be it a country fieldstone wall, a sprawling estate wall with boulders, a modern stone wall or even a stone wall entrance, we will build the wall that is right for you and your home.


Water features:


When you add a water feature to your landscape, you create an inviting focal point that fosters a relaxing environment through both sight and sound. It can become educational as well, attracting new and different wild life. If done correctly, it can also increase your property value. With so many features to choose from- a waterfall, a garden pool with fountain or a simple stand alone fountain, we can give you that special experience that comes with having a water feature.



Screening Fences, Arbors, Pergolas and Trellises:


A creative outdoor living space is just that. Outdoors. A screening fence could solve a privacy issue or block the wind. A pergola will provide shelter from the afternoon sun. Maybe you have a wall or open area that might look great with a trellis softening its look. Or maybe an arbor framing the entrance to some special place. Creating an attractive and functional outdoor living space for you is our goal.               



Landscape Lighting:


Bring the night to life with lights! Guide people safely into your home at night and while you are doing that, give them something interesting to look at and admire. Light up outdoor entertaining areas, work areas and special places with lights. Trust our lighting crew to give your property just the right amount of light, while keeping it safe and beautiful.


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