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Heavy Landscaping




When you are planning to dig a foundation, install or move utility lines, or install a septic system, a shovel is just not going to get the job done. Let Thomas Walker do the digging. We have the right machines to do any job in a neat and timely manner. We can also help with smaller jobs like the removal of brush and large tree stumps, digging up, moving or removing rocks and boulders. If the job is too much for a shovel let one of our machines do the digging for you.




Reshape, remove or add soil. That’s landscape grading. It usually applies to roads, parking areas, driveways, patio areas, lawns and athletic fields- areas that you would like to be flat. Grading can also contour and slope the soil to achieve a proper drainage swale or berm, thereby rerouting water flow away from a given area. Do you have an area that needs grading? We do that.





At Thomas Walker we know that of all the issues that can create problems on a job site, water is the element that can cause the most difficulties. Proper above ground grading can help direct water away from important features however, you may find your property or job site needs more drainage work than just a swale or berm. Subsurface drainage may also be needed to solve the problem. We know that water seeks the lowest point and because of that, we have to know drainage solutions.


Retaining walls:


The definition of a retaining wall is a wall built to stabilize a slope and keep soil from sliding or eroding downhill. Many times retaining walls can be used to create a level planting bed on the side of a steep incline or hill. Although these walls are used to provide a function, by no means should the exposed side of the wall be anything but visually pleasing. There is a wide variety of products to choose from- rock boulders, different styles of interlock pavers, railroad ties or wood planks. If a hill is your problem, one of our retaining walls will be the solution.

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